The Fall of Oriath Beta

Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath Beta Review Part 1

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Behold the Fall of Oriath Beta!

The Fall of Oriath Beta has just been released! I wrote about this upcoming Path of Exile update earlier, now we get to see what it is all about! The major changes to the game are the newly added acts. In addition, this expansion also brought us many game mechanic and skill updates. Today, I will be highlighting some of the new content in Fall of Oriath Beta.

Enhanced Graphics:

Path of Exile has been improving its in-game graphics with each release. In the Fall of Oriath Beta, GGG has given the game literally a facelift especially for the environmental graphics. It feels like playing a new game even when running through the old map tiles. Before Fall of Oriath Beta some players criticized POE’s game graphics for not being up to the current standard of ARPG. I believe with this release many players will be awed by all of the great improvements.

More Acts and “New” Areas!:

Although so far the Beta testers can only play up to Act 7, these newly added acts are extremely impressive in terms of story and level design. Act 5 consists of brand new map tiles and enemies. It is an action packed Act that includes many epic battles.

Act 6, and 7 are made of revamped older Act map tiles. However GGG did a great job “redecorating” these areas so that players will feel nostalgic rather than getting bored when revisiting these old maps. Additionally, with the help of the fairly well written plot lines tied to these acts, I thoroughly enjoyed myself when playing through the game. I had a lot of more fun with these new acts when compared to playing through Cruel and Merciless in the old days.

Make Mind Over Matter Great Again!:

Mind Over Matter now allows Mana to absorb 30% of the damage from Damage Over Time sources. The most exciting part of the change is that with sufficient Mana regeneration players can have a much eaiser time managing Righteous Fire. With enough regeneration investments, you can even sustain Righteous Fire without using Rise of the Phoenix. The change of Mind Over Matter will definitely open up some interesting new builds.

Not Quite Concluded Yet…:

Up to this point, the Fall of Oriath Beta is both visually appealing and very fun to play. Act 8 will be released next week along with a wave of the new skill gems. I will write the Part 2 of the review after experiencing the new patch, which will also include the discussion of the new Keystone Perfect Agony.


Publisher: Grinding Gear Games

Developer: Grinding Gear Games         

Full Release: Estimated to be released by late July or early August of 2017

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