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Super Mario Run Review – Princess Peach gets kidnapped again!

Overall Rating

Princess Peach gets kidnapped on the mobile device:

Another day in Mario Land and another kidnapping incident of Princess Peach. This is the typical plot of Super Mario’s adventure. It works and it gets the game started in the old traditional fashion. There’s really nothing much to say about the story but that’s okay. We are just here for some good old fashion Super Mario fun.

Sound and graphic work in unison:

As soon as you start Super Mario Run, you hear the familiar voice over of Mario and sound effect. In addition to the game’s vibrant color, cartoon-like graphic, this immediately takes me back to my childhood and I knew that fun is about to begin. The sound and graphics have been enhanced and they really add to the game. Do yourself a favor by turning the music on while playing, Nintendo did a great job creating the atmosphere for us.

Nintendo did a good job simplifying this classic game:

The control of Super Mario Run is very elegantly designed. Mario automatically runs forward and your only input is tapping anywhere on the screen to perform actions based on your surroundings. You can tap on the screen to perform jumps. Shorter tap means Mario jumps lower. In-air spin can prolong the amount of time in the air, climbing jump makes Mario do a front flip, and wall jumps is the only move that allows you to go backward for a short while. This makes timing an important aspect of the game.

You have to predict where Mario is going to be in the next 0.2 seconds constantly and tap accordingly. What makes this game more exciting is its vertical orientation. Usually, a horizontal running type of game is presented to us in a horizontal format so we see what’s coming up next. Despite the unusual orientation, Nintendo definitely has done their calculation and made this quite comfortable. You can see what’s coming up in the next second, but not too much of it that makes the game too easy. Your views are limited so it forces you to think quickly. It’s a bit of a challenge, but that’s what makes Super Mario Run fun.

Fair Replay-ability:

Super Mario Run has Tour mode and Rush mode. Each stage has 5 purple coins to collect and it’s fairly easy to collect all 5 at the very beginning. Once all 5 are collected, 5 green coins will spawn at a higher difficulty location, followed by 5 black coins. When you collects all coins of the same color, you unlock a hidden stage. There are total 3 hidden stages. Super Mario Run will provide you with tons of fun if you plan to unlock all hidden aspects of the game.

The rush mode has you racing against other players or your friends. You are encouraged to perform special movements to get extra cheers from mushrooms. The winner will have some of the loser’s mushrooms join the kingdom. This allows you to unlock buildings and expansions in your kingdom. This is the end-game for Super Mario Run. It’s a little unfortunate that this great game has such a mediocre end-game, but seeing it’s a mobile game targeted to be casual, I think it’s an acceptable one.

The one-time unlock fee is worth the mobile convenience:

There is a total of 6 chapters with 4 stages in each chapter and the first chapter is free to play. There are there are no ways around it unlocking even the second chapter, and they give you a very limited amount of the token. After paying the one-time fee of $13.50 to unlock the entire game, the token pretty much becomes unlimited as you are given more than you can use each day.

Super Mario Run on the mobile device is quite basic when compared to all previous title. There’s no fireball or flying, nor swimming or climbing, Beanstalk is gone. All you get is super mushrooms and super stars. Even then, we still get other playable characters like Luigi, Yoshi, Princess, yellow mushroom, blue mushroom.

Super Mario Run is designed with the mobile device in mind. We can see these in the little details. Each game takes about 90 seconds. If you stop midway you’ll be able to continue with 3 seconds buffer. The best part about Super Mario Run it allows you to carry Super Mario wherever you go, and whenever you have 2 minutes to spare.


Developer: Nintendo

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