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Review of PokeMon TCG Online’s Theme Deck Format

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Review of PokeMon TCG Online’s Theme Deck Format

Many Online Trading Card Games (TCG) follow the Pay to Win module where some money has to be spent in order for you to be on an even playing field with other players. However PokeMon TCG Online offers a unique “Theme Deck Format” where Pay to Win is not required at all for you to enjoy the game. Interested in some intense PokeMon Gym battles? Let us take a look this Free-to-Play-able format of PokeMon TCG Online.


What is Theme Deck Format?:

In the Theme Deck Format, players are only allowed to use Theme Decks that are released with expansions or the basic Starter Decks that come with the game. In many TCG basic starter decks are practically useless, however it is not the case here. These Starter Decks are actually good enough that they can be on par with the other Theme Decks you may encounter. Players may utilize these decks to play in Versus mode against to earn in game coins. The payout for in game coins is reasonable enough that you can buy other Theme Decks after a few casual play sessions.


Get to Know Your Decks:

For all TCG games it is important to understand your deck thoroughly in order to utilize its full potential. This is especially important in Theme Deck format as different decks can function in dramatically different ways from another. It is possible to stick with just one deck but that makes the game less interesting. In my opinion the best part of the Theme Deck format is that you are able to try many different PokeMon deck builds and enjoy the game’s diversity. Therefore it is both fun and important to get to know the different Theme Decks in depth through playing.

Blast your opponent with fire attack!


What are the Good Decks?:

I recommend unlocking Hidden Depth basic starter deck in the Trainer Challenge. Hidden Depth is a control deck that allows you to set up powerful PokeMons such as Articuno or Gyarados to strike your opponent with powerful attacks. It is the most consistent one out of the four free Starter Decks. As for the Purchasable decks, Roaring Heat and Forest Shadows from the most recent expansion are both very popular amongst players. However there is no reason to restrict yourself to these decks as the whole point of the Theme Deck format is to try out as many decks as possible!

A quick view of the Hidden Depth.



PokeMon TCG Online’s Theme Deck format not only is fun to play in, it is also a great introduction to the trading card game. There is no need to spend any money as it is rather easy to get other Theme Decks that are offered in the online store with in game currency. I highly recommend this game for its decent game mechanics and the true Free-to-Play option.



Developer: The PokeMon Company

Publisher: Nintendo



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