Path of Exile: The fall of Oriath

Thoughts About Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath

Thoughts About Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath

Grinding Gear Games just announced the most impactful and exciting news for Online Action RPG lovers! In Path of Exile’s upcoming July expansion, The Fall of Oriath, players will be getting not one but six additional acts added to the core game. The extra acts will allow the players to reach end game through a unique storyline and abolish the old “run the same thing three times” system. I’d like to share my thoughts on this mind-blowing upcoming expansion of Path of Exile.


Breaking the Status Quo:

Almost all the Online Action RPGs follow the example set by Diablo One. Where the game is divided to three or more difficulty levels, players are required to play the same stages multiple times in order to reach the end game. Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath Expansion breaks this multi-difficulty level status quo and has taken a big step for Online Action RPG genera.

The ten act play-through style will truly revitalize this game. Players will greatly appreciate not needing to repeat the same game content multiple times. Furthermore, players will be satisfied with the amount of lore and unique boss battles that come with the new acts. Personally I cannot wait to challenge these new bosses especially in a Vaaled end game map.

Concerns with the New Change:

So far from the press releases, I have seen many of the new acts consist of slight modifications of existing tilesets. Although players are revisiting some of the areas from the early acts; having new tilesets will give players more incentive to explore and enjoy the new content.

My other concern is more for the future major expansions of Path of Exile. It appears to me that with The Fall of Oriath Expansion, the game will be reaching the end climax battle. We have conquered Legends now we will be slaying all the Gods, but what comes after that?  Hopefully this Expansion does not mark the end of epic stories that Grinding Gear Games can add to the lore of Wraeclast.


The Hype Train is in the Station!:

I am totally hyped about The Fall of Oriath expansion despite the few concerns that I have mentioned. Overall, the one-time play through is a great direction taken by Grinding Gear Games. I am sure more new players will be willing to give the game a try just for this innovative expansion. The hype train is in the station, let us all board and set the course for the exciting and dangerous land of Wraeclast!

Publisher: Grinding Gear Games

Developer: Grinding Gear Games                      

Release: July, 2017

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