Gwent Trading Card Game Beta Review

Gwent: The WItcher Card Game Beta Review

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Gwent: The Witcher Card Game Beta Review

Gwent is a fast-paced trading card game based on one of the mini games from Witcher 3. The open Beta of Gwent has just been released on multiple gaming platforms last week. This card game offers a unique TCG experience to players and is packed with lore from Witcher. The basic game rules can be found in this Google document posted by the developers. Today, I will be sharing my impressions on Gwent.


This is a Game About Resource Management:

Ten cards along with the leader are your only way to win the game, knowing how to manage your resources is vital for beating your opponent. It is very important to know when to cut your losses so more cards can be saved for later rounds. One thing to remember is that losing a round isn’t a big deal as long as you win the game. Bluffing/Luring your opponent to play more cards than needed is another technique that Gwent players must master.


Lack of Game Depth?:

Many players in the gaming community criticize Gwent as lacking of game depth, often comparing the game to Magic the Gathering or PokeMon. In my opinion, the comparison isn’t fair as Gwent is a very unique style of TCG. This game relies rather heavily on player skill as it is crucial to manage your limited cards carefully and make calculated plays. The amount of in-game strategy required makes up for the lack of complexity in the deck construction aspect of the game. The amount of game depth is just right for a fast-paced card game like Gwent.

Free to Play is Possible with this Game:

Gwent offers a varienty of ways for you to obtain cards in-game without needing to pay cash. Completing daily quests/ challenges will yield you a decent amount of Ore and Scraps. The Ore can be used to purchase Barrels (booster pack) and the scraps can be used to craft a card of your choice.
It is possible to complete the collection for one or two factions with some grinding. However, if you are looking to become the master of all factions it may be more realistic to spend some cash so that you can complete the decks in a more reasonable time.

Ready for Some Card Slinging Actions?:

Overall, I think Gwent is a decent game in that it has very simple rules and a fast-paced game play. The game is currently in open Beta stage. It is interesting enough of a game that I will be completing some decks through the free to play options. I highly recommend TCG lovers to give this game a try, even with just the free theme decks you will be able to experience the game pretty thoroughly.


Developer: CD Projekt RED

Publisher: CD Projekt


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