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Gumballs & Dungeons Review – A True Pioneer in mobile gaming.

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Gumballs & Dungeons is a free mobile game that exceed all expectations:

Gumballs & Dungeons by Qcplay Limited is a pioneer in mobile gaming that every game developer should follow. The game is a adventure strategy game on mobile devices. You start with one gumball and work your way through unlocking and collecting more. The game achieved a perfect balance in terms of effort and reward. Unlike many other games of the same type, Gumballs & Dungeons truly rewards game play. You can pay to get contents faster, but not pay to win.

Gumballs & Dungeons has inherited many aspects of other games, the game world spans through multiple dimensions such as middle-age and futuristic era, mythical and technological power, god and demon realm, basically anything you can think of. You see special appearance from Aladdin, Super Mario, Plants vs Zombies, Sleeping Beauty, Wizard of Oz, and these are just one tip of many ice burgs. Qcplay Limited extracted the essence of these elements to enrich Gumballs & Dungeons while maintaining the game-play simple, casual and free. Give it a try (click here for android)


Not a suck-your-blood-dry free mobile game:

Before I talk about anything else, I’d like to make one thing very clear; Gumballs & Dungeons is a free mobile game. A real free game that does not nag you to pay. The thoughtful features implemented in the game makes you feel that their priority is to let you enjoy the game, rather than their own capital gain. It’s just a very comfortable experience.


  • They do have premium currencies that you can buy with real world currency, but it’s a pay-to-support system rather than your typical pay-to-win.
  • Play for free players get to enjoy every aspect of the game as pay to play players.
  • The game finds every excuse to give you gems. If you play the game, you will get them.


  • They don’t have any advertisement for you to watch. We are all here to play the game, NOT to watch advertisement.
  • They are not trying to get you to pay for things every chance they get.
  • Buying premium currencies does not give you better gumballs or items.


Gumballs & Dungeons is really a resource management strategy game:

To over simplify, we can look at Gumballs & Dungeons as a collection of three resource management games. These games are gumballs collection and cultivation, airship exploration, and dungeon crawling. They all have exciting, unique features and are endless in their own way.

Gumballs collection and cultivation is well staged:

It seems hard for mobile games released in recent years to get away from being an idle game. Gumballs & Dungeons also have idle game elements but Qcplay Limited made this portion tolerable. Materials gathering for gumball upgrades happen in Alchemy lab. With scarce resources at the beginning, you kind of have to decide which gumballs or skills to upgrade first. As the game progress, if the Alchemy lab is upgraded properly materials become a non-issue.

The gumball collection portion consists of gathering gumball fragments to unlock new gumballs and collecting materials to upgrade them. Gumballs and contents are unlocked in stages as story progress and the ability “Raid” to grab gumball fragments is reset daily. Using the ability or going into dungeon both requires “Vigor” which you get 1 regenerated every hour. Make sure you don’t spend them all on raid before you start your dungeon.

Dungeon Crawling is the main focus of the game:

The dungeon crawling portion is the main part of the game. There are 4 basic stats, Attack, Health, Power, and Mana that you have to manage. Every dungeons present you with different enemy and bosses as well as unique features so shifting stretegy and planning is required. All dungeons starts easy but resource management is very important at higher level as difficulty of enemy and bosses ramps up quite drastically.

You get a new gumball everytime you complete a dungeon’s story mode. At the same time you also unlock endless mode, raiding mode, and the next dungeon. Certain amount of DP is required to enter higher level dungoens. Each dungeon gives you a maximum of 80 dungeon points from completing dungeon specific quests. This will force you go back to previous dungeons to complete certain amount of objectives. This is the majority of the game, and it gives you the sense of achievement that keeps you going.

The real fun part of the game is soul-link. There are 4 factions of gumballs reside in the world tree. Soul-link allows you to bring two more gumballs in the same faction with you into the dungeon. You get benefit of their exclusive skill and the title if it’s different from your main gumball at double the cost. Enemies in the dungeons has unique behaviors and finding the right soul-link combination strong against the specific dungeons is the way to win the game.

Airship system is like a game of its own:

At a certain point of the game, you discover a broken airship. Once you fix it, the airship takes you to the world of floating island where you explore ancient technology world and battle other players. Each airship can carry 12 gumballs and you fight with the combined force but only gumballs in the same faction can be on the same airship. There are ruins that requires you to battle with all 4 factions in cycle, so make sure all four factions are collected and cultivated equally.


Thoughtful features that makes this game even better:

Once you have obtained the Bandit Gumball, you will unlock the raid mode in dungeons. What’s more interesting is that when dp of the dungeon is at 80/80, raiding dungeon also completes the daily quest. This is a really thoughtful feature to reduce unnecessary grinding.

Another awesome feature is the low hardware requirement of the game. The game has so much content packed in it, but my iPhone surprisingly does not heat up during gameplay. I am also able to play for hours as Gumballs & Dungeons does not drain my phone’s battery.


Nothing is perfect. So what can Gumballs & Dungeons improve on?

If I have to mention some shortcomings of Gumballs & Dungeons, it would be that everything in this game feels like a ladder. You are always climbing up and building upon what you got before. Dispite Qcplay Limited‘s best effort in keeping things interesting, it still gets dry at times.

Another unfortunate issue is that the story is on a bit of a weak side. There are so much content without a core story to tie them all together. If there were, the game would have more depth. Even then, this solution is still better than the other mobile game’s easy way out by turning a heavy story driven game franchise into a Champion-Summoning mobile game.

Regardless of these shortcomings, Gumballs & Dungeons is still a revolutionary mobile game that should be on every device.


Developer / Publisher: Qcplay Limited

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