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Confront the Reaper: A Dungeons and Dragons Online Update Review

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Confront the Reaper: A Dungeons and Dragons Online               Update Review

Dungeons and Dragons Online is one of my favourite MMO games since it has the most complexity and flexibility in terms of character advancement. Between Race, Heroic Class, and Prestige class, together with Epic Destinies, the character customization you can have is literally limitless.

The developing company for Dungeons and Dragons Online recently switched hands from Turbin to Standing Stone Games. This can be a good change as the developers now may have more freedom to improve the game. Standing Stone Games did not disappoint the players by immediately adding a new difficulty level to the existing dungeons. Today I am going to give an overview that introduces you to the new “Reaper” difficulty setting of the latest release.


What is Reaper Difficulty?:

Reaper is an addition to the exiting three difficulty settings to all the quests in Dungeons and Dragons Online. There are 10 different levels (represented as number of skulls) within the Reaper difficulty. Players can adjust at the beginning of the adventure to find the desired challenge level. In Reaper difficulty, players will get a debuff where the damage output and the self healing efficiency are both reduced. In addition to the debuff,  a new type of monster, the Reapers, are spawned randomly through the adventure. The Reapers come in four different types and each is as strong as a mini boss.

The setting of 1-2 skulls is similar to the difficulty level of the Elite setting; however players will feel the game become significantly more challenging at higher skull levels. I recommend starting off running Reaper at 1-2 skulls as not only you can get a feel for the new mechanics, it is also a great way to gain decent experience.


What are the Rewards?:

Completing this new difficulty can yield Reaper Experience points that can be used to improve your character through the Reaper Benefit Tree. I am very excited about the Reaper Benefit Tree as it adds another layer of character customization on top of the already amazing system that Dungeons and Dragons Online offers. The Benefit Tree offers a variety of passive buffs that allow you to become better suited to survive in the Reaper difficulty setting. The Reaper Experience also unlocks special cosmetics in NPC vendors. Although the cosmetics won’t make your character stronger, they represent bragging rights for conquering the hardest challenges in game.


Overall Impression:

The Reaper difficulty provides a challenge that is both fun and hard enough even for the most veteran players. It is definitely a good addition to revitalize the game. I am excited to see what Standing Stone Games has in store for us in the near future. For now, I will be having a blast crawling through a Reaper infested Dungeon.

Publisher: Day Break Games    

Developer: Standing Stone Games

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