AudioEngine A2+ beginner audiophile’s first desktop speaker

Overall Rating

Beginner friendly audiophile speaker

Look at this pair of sexy speakers! The AudioEngine A2+ doesn’t only look good, but it also sound superb! For the price of $250, you get a set of entry level audiophile quality speaker. I highly recommend anyone who wants to get into audiophile quality desktop listening experience to start with the AudioEngine A2+ speakers.

Powered speakers un-clutter your desk

AudioEngine A2+ speakers are “Powered Speakers”. These type of speakers has a built in amplifier, unlike the “Passive Speakers” which requires external amplifier. It is a little more costly, but the benefit is less cable and less equipment to clutter up my desktop. The USB input makes setup super easy. This set of speaker is really beginner friendly.

The speaker lacks base, but is pretty awesome in the mid and high

The Audioengine A2+ is a set of compact PC stereo speakers that delivers impressive sound. When I first considered the AudioEngine A2+ speakers, my biggest concern was the built-in DAC (Digital Analogue converter) and AMP. I wasn’t sure if they are good enough to process the raw audio files, but they turned out great. The speakers sounds crisp, has great depths and separation. With the speakers in front of me, it surprised me that sometimes I can hear sounds coming from behind.

Buyers Beware

It’s a bit of a shame that the volume control is located at the back of the left speaker. I have own the pair of Audioengine A2+ and have learned to live with the inconvenience. Another issue is that the base is a bit lacking. Audioengine’s solution is to sell a base accessory for $350. It is up to the individual to see if that is worth the price mark. 

The Bottom Line

Audioengine A2+ speakers is a great entry level audiophile stereo speaker. We would gladly recommend it to anyone who wants to begin their journey as an audiophile. The USB connection makes it easy to setup. Also, it bypass the cheap on-board sound chip to allows transfer of purer digital audio data from your PC. The speaker’s DAC (Digital Analog Converter) is optimized to work with Audioengine A2+ speaker for a dynamic, audiophile-quality listening experience.

The next step up is Audioengine A5+  at $399.00

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