65″ TV Review, LG 65UK7700

Overall Rating

I have been looking for a 65″ TV ever since my old 55″ TV broke 2 weeks before Black Friday 2018. I took that as a sign from some greater being telling me it’s time to get a new TV. My goal was to find a decent enough upgrade that doesn’t break my wallet. Today, I have finally decided to buy the LG 65UK7700 because it’s high performance for console gaming

Outstanding picture quality for its price:

LG 65UK7700 is UHD HDR LED TV. That means high resolution pictures and vibrant contrasting color display. I have been watching a Korean drama related to food. The colorful food just makes my mouth water, much more so than my previous TV. LG TV uses IPS board which gives a wider viewing angle, so it display more accurate color when I watch TV from either the living room or the dining room.

Above average speaker:

The built-in two channel speaker has a bunch of audio software built in to enhance our audio experience, while maintaining a relative thin TV profile. The sound is very clear compared to my old TV as there is clear sound separation. If you are not an audiophile you probably won’t need to spend extra on external speaker. However, there are still room for improvements such as getting one of their suggested soundbar. They have listed “Virtual 7 channel surround sound” as one of the technology implemented in the speaker, but I personally cannot feel it. One of the feature that really adds value to this purchase is the ability to use the TV as a Bluetooth speaker.

Voice Control:

Another reason why I chose LG 65UK7700 over LG 65UK6300 is because this model comes with LG Magic Remote Control. LG TV doesn’t have voice recognition software built in, so it relies on either magic remote control to work with google assist, or Alexa to communicate with Amazon Alexa. I’m not an active user of voice control functionality, however I can justify paying a little more upfront on the higher display model that comes with it. After all, nobody likes having to fork out extra money down the road if we suddenly want the feature.

The TV looks great:

The extremely skinny edge at 0.5″ all around the display is almost unnoticeable. The screen material handles reflection really great so there is less distraction. Also, profile is very thin, given the TV’s thickness at about 3/4″ thick and the lower portion at 2.5″ thick. This makes the 65″ large TV very light, and easier to maneuver when I tried to mount it on the wall.

Black display looks kind of Grayish during Dark Scene:

The black display is not very pure especially when the entire screen is dark due to the IPS board. This indicates the LG 65UK7700 has poor local dimming. This is my sacrifice for getting this otherwise awesome TV at this price point, and I am well aware of this issue before my decision. My TV’s surrounding environment is quite bright so this shortcoming is not as noticeable. This might work for you as well if you have similar watching environment.

Worth Mention:

  • Wi-Fi connection supports streaming in the same network
  • 4 HDMI HDCP 2.2 makes this TV more future proof
  • Bluetooth 4.2 turns this TV into Bluetooth Speaker
  • Wall mount specification pattern is 300mm x 300mm
  • WebOS TM 4.0 is the latest LG operating system
  • LG 65UK7700 comes with a Magic Remote Control and HDMI Cable

On a side note:

Be extra careful when you shop at Best Buy for BlackFriday TV Deals. It is worth mentioning that 80% of the TV promotions for BestBuy during Black Friday Sale are either refurbished item or open box item. I can only assume the other promotional items are of similar nature. They’re ether out-dated items or older models BestBuy is trying to get rid of.