The Slimeking’s Tower – A twin stick shooter game heavily influenced by The Binding of Isaac

Overall Rating

We have decided from the beginning of creating TwoGuysReviews that we would provide fair and unbiased reviews. Manuel Jesús Bolaños Gómez has given us the chance by asking us to review their game “The Slimeking’s tower”.

The Slimeking’s Tower is a procedural generated roguelike Twin Stick Shooter game that is similar in nature with Rogue Legacy but heavily influenced by The Binding of Isaac.

The story is non-existent:

The Slimeking’s Tower is lacking in depths. We start the game in The Slimeking’s Tower alpha 1 level (sounding like a stage design temporary name) without explanation. I was unsure of who I am nor why I was there, whether I was a captive escaping or entered willingly for a goal. Basically, there is nothing driving me to finish the game.

Pixel art graphic does not necessitate bad music:

The Slimeking’s Tower has adopted the pixel art graphic style. This seems to be the trend for roguelike games released recently. I have no issues with this type of graphic. They are just mediocre to me. One thing The Slimeking’s Tower can improve upon is the color scheme. I would encourage more varieties instead of only red, green, blue, gray background. I do like the randomness to the main menu where different background colors are displayed every time.

The music sounds like 8 bit, and extremely repetitive. I couldn’t control the urge to mute the game after 5 minutes. I know the purpose of the 8-bit styled music is to create a retro atmosphere, but the music should entice feelings other than annoyance. This may be a personal opinion for me, but less repetition would definitely help.

The developer did not do compatibility tests:

I am playing The Slimeking’s Tower on an iOS device, and there are some elements that make me think the game is not made for my device. A few basic things I would like the game to correct may seem snob-like to others:

  1. As soon as I enter the game, I see text on the top left overlapping, and illegible. This tells me that the developer is not annoyed by this. Which means they either have not seen this screen enough times, or they simply don’t care, a sign of lacking integrity on the game they produce.
  2. I was asked to input my username. The keyboard that popped up did not retract by itself after I’m done with it. On a horizontally oriented game like The Slimeking’s Tower, having 2/3 of your screen real estate occupied by the keyboard that I have finished using basically forces the player to find the keyboard retracting button. This tells us the game is currently user-unfriendly. The 1/3 background is unreadable, which means this screen is useless and something should’ve been done before the game is published.
  3. There’s an “Exit” button on the main menu. Once I click on it, the screen becomes black and everything becomes unresponsive except the background music. The only way to get out of it is to force shutdown the app. Pressing the home key and re-enter the game without killing it get you back to the pitch black screen. Once again, this is probably something the developer did not check on iOS device.
  4. The first level of the game is ALWAYS the tutorial, which I strongly hope I don’t have to go through anytime. A fast paced action shooting game should give me the feeling of “Ohh I wonder what awaits me” rather than “Oh this same screen again”. The dark gray text is written on the dark colored floor background. it took me quite a bit of effort to read the tutorial for the first time, then I didn’t even bother reading it afterward.
  5. The mobile device is the worst platform for this kind of game. The Slimeking’s Tower takes advantage of the multi-touch technology, but all the controls are on one flat plane and it’s too easy to slide your finger away from the “control zone”. My character has stood there doing nothing on the screen while the boss is charging at me. I believe keyboard and mouse or controllers are the best way to play this game take “Into The Gungeon” for example. However, I do recognize the benefit that mobile device offer is the ability to save and continue anytime we feel like.

Game Mechanics:

The Slimeking’s Tower has three game modes, Adventure, Endless, and Arcade mode. In the Adventure mode, the room is locked after entrance and will unlock after monsters are cleared. There are multiple exits to different rooms and we can see where we are from the mini-map. We will eventually meet the boss of the level and get to enter the next level after beating it, just like Into The Gungeon, except after beating a boss, an advertisement will pop up automatically. This may be a personal opinion, but I find there are too many breakables containing items in every room that made this supposedly fast-paced shooting game feel slow and tedious Role-Playing Game.

The Arcade mode puts us in a large room with two chests and endless waves of enemies are spawned. I personally find that the Arcade mode nets me more gold with the same amount of time played. What I don’t like is the advertisement popping up randomly during gameplay in this mode.

There are 200 item the in The Slimeking’s Tower that gives different bonuses to our character and add variations to strategy in the game. I’m sure the developer put a lot of thoughts into creating all 200 items. What I can think of as an improvement is that the items page has 15 pages but only 1 button to go to the next page. I wish there’s a way to check the previous page. You can buy the item so you get to bring it to the next game.

Gold the only currency, and is a big part of the game. It’s what keeps us grinding. The fastest way to earn gold is actually not the Arcade mode mentioned above, but rather click on the advertisements, which nets us 50g per view. As I write this review, I am also clicking on the ads to get gold for pet leveling.

Pet collection system adds depth to the gameplay, but require coins to unlock their ability. Unfortunately, pets don’t do anything until they have reached level 5, the maximum level. The pet I’ve unlocked gave me 10% chance to avoid damage when hit. This further adds variety to the game. It is a gold sink system, but it’s also a fun feature.

The Slimeking’s Tower features a good variety of enemies with different movements. Some spawn smaller enemies upon deaths, others jump toward your current location. The first boss I have encountered was “random slimes” in a pitch black room. I could see the health bar of the boss, but the only time I could see the two eyes of the boss was when he is within two tiles from my character. This boss fight was something different, and I have enjoyed it. As expected, the environment can damage you as well. There are fake exits that clip you when you enter. I have died from shooting an explosive urn while standing too close to it. This adds good variety and it’s both frustrating and fun at the same time.

Final words for the game:

The Slimeking’s Tower is currently for iOS and Android only. Fortunately, it is on Steam Greenlight as of February 2017 so it might be coming to PC soon. I will be able to try the game on mouse and keyboard. Hopefully, the game will be a lot less advertisement driven.

It is our honor to have The Slimeking’s Tower as our first review request. As I did my research about the game, I found out I was playing version 1.3 of the game, the first version for iOS device released in November 2017. Given the circumstances, we can overlook the few bugs as mentioned as they can be corrected relatively easily. We hope our review points out where they need to improve and be seen as a constructive criticism for the upcoming updates.