PokeMon: Burning Shadows, a Expanded Format Review

PokeMon: Burning Shadows Review for Expanded Format

Overall Rating

Behold the Burning Shdaows!

The soon to be released PokeMon: Burning Shadows expansion has introduced a few cards that will be a great addition to the Expanded format. Even without cards like Tapu LeLe, this expansion offers plenty of powerful PokeMons and Supporters that will be a great improvement to existing established decks. In today’s review we will be looking over the Expanded playable cards from Burning Shadows.


Ban List update for Expanded format

Before we delve into the new cards from Burning Shadows, I’d like to quickly mention the recent Ban list update for Expanded format.

Forest of Giant Plants and Archeops have both been banned from the format with the unbanning of Shiftry. Without Forest of the Giant Plants Decidu-Plume archetype is officially history. As for Maxie’s Yveltal decks, although the Maxie’s -Archeops engine no longer works, the core of the Yveltal deck still remains  relatively strong. One can simply swap out the Maxie’s -Archeops engine for Laser/Bank combo and can even make use of the newly released Darkrai-GX in the deck. We will see how the Yveltal deck evolves from this point.

New Additions to the Expanded Roaster!


Ho-Oh-GX is a great power boost addition to Volcanion decks. The Phoenix Burn attack that deals 180 damage can easily OHKO a majority of the EXs. With Volcanion’s steam up or simply attach a Choice Band to Ho-Oh-GX you can practically OHKO anything in this game. The four fire energy can be easily be set up with Kiawe in one turn, making Ho-Oh-GX an extremely formidable PokeMon to play against.



Night March gets a new member on the team! Marshadow-GX’s Shadow Hunt ability lets you copy Night March attack from the PokeMons in your discard pile. Unlike Mew or Mew-EX you no longer need to be concerned about your benched Night March enabler getting snipped by your opponent.

In addition, Marshadow-GX is fighting type, which increase the damage type variety in Night March deck, allowing it to deal with PokeMon such as Darkrai with ease.



Once again we got a incredibility strong and versatile Darkrai. Darkrai-GX is almost an auto include to decks that run dark energy and Dark Patches. You can easily set up a turn two Darkrai-GX with Battle Compressor and Dark Patch that. Its GX ability is also very powerful as it can be combined with the popular Hypnotoxic Laser to achieve an easy OHKO on the toughest PokeMon out there. With the banning of Archeops, I am looking forward to giving Darkrai-GX a try in my Yveltal deck.



Kiawe is the master fire PokeMon trainer that pushes Volcanion decks to the next level. Kiawe’s down side is negligible regardless of whether you go first (cannot attack anyway) or second, the fact that you can instantly power up your PokeMon ready for battle is extremely strong.
An early set up of Ho-Oh-GX or Turtonator-GX (Good combo with Blacksmith after using its Bright Flame attack) can be devastating to your opponent.


Not exactly the good o’ reliable Lysandre (In my opinion), however Guzma has his special place in Expanded format. Being able to also swap both your opponent’s and your PokeMon can come in handy in many situations. In fact, Guzma directly benefits decks such as Quad Lapras and Volcanion decks that require frequent PokeMon switching between active and bench positions.

Decks in general may consider running both Guzma and Lysander depending on personal preference. Overall Guzma will definitely become a Expanded staple Supporter Card.


In Conclusion!

In conclusion, I feel that Volcanion decks are getting a lot of love from the recent sets (Turtonator-GX from Guardians Rising. Kiawae, Guzma and Oh-Oh GX from Burning Shadows. Personally I am not a fan of Volcanion archetype. However with these new cards introduced to the game (especially Kiawe) I cannot resist building a Volcanion deck myself. We will find out how Expanded format evolves after the banning and the significantly buffed Volcanion archetypes.


Developer: The PokeMon Company

Publisher: Nintendo