Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath Beta Review Part II

Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath Beta Review Part II

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Revisiting The Fall of Oriath Beta!

Grinding Gear Games has introduced Act Eight along with a new wave of brand new support gems to the Fall of Oriath Beta after a full character wipe. As mentioned in Part I of the review, I will be discussing the newly implemented Keystone skill along with other selected features in today’s review.

Sarn Encampment Revisited

Act Eight is a rework of the existing Sarn Encampment. GGG again did a great job on re-creating the areas that players has visited before. For instance, the Lunaris Temple looks quite different from when Piety was still ruling the area. The epic boss battles and the interesting storylines also make the play through of this new Act an overall pleasant experience.

New Keystone: Perfect Agony

Perfect Agony is introduced to the game to balance the nerfing of DoT mechanics. This Keystone applies 30% of player’s critical strike multiplier to the damage caused by ailment. Although Perfect Agony will also lessen the initial hit damage by 30%, if your character build is based on DoT from ailment then this isn’t really a big issue. It is quite obvious that GGG wants players to make a decision in either focusing on ailment DoT or the damage from direct attacks.

Pseudo-Critical Strike Support Gems!!


This gem grants supported attack gems a 30% chance to gain a huge amount of damage multipliers and stun chance on strike. Ruthless on its own is like a “mini” critical strike for supported melee skills. Many players immediately make use of this gem with Resolute Technique based characters. However in my opinion, Ruthless can serve as an additional damage source even for critical based characters. Especially as GGG announced that they will make changes to make triggering of this gem more predictable in the near future.

Arcane Surge

Arcane Surge is damage multiplier boost gem that applies to spell damage as well as cast speed and mana regeneration. It has a 30% chance to trigger, however unlike Ruthless, this support’s bonus is applied to ANY spells you cast for four seconds. You can link Arcane Surge to movement skills that players spam at a very high rate for an easy Arcane Surge trigger. It is undoubtedly a powerful support gem for all spell caster builds.

A New Age for Path of Exile

So far the Fall of Oriath Beta appears to be a promising expansion for Path of Exile. Not only does it introduce six more acts to the game it also provides many passive/skill gem changes that greatly increase character customization. I cannot wait to see what the final version of this expansion is going to be like!


Publisher: Grinding Gear Games

Developer: Grinding Gear Games         

Full Release: Estimated to be released by August of 2017